Def Jam Will Not Support Rihanna & Chris Brown’s ‘Birthday Cake Remix

Posted on 22nd February 2012 in Crazy Unexpected

Much to the horror of Chris Brown nay sayers, the reports of a duet between he and ex girlfriend Rihanna were confirmed last night, with the release of two numbers featuring the pair.

Lending their talents to the other’s respective ‘Turn The Music Up‘ and ‘Birthday Cake’, the stars have come under fire from those against their reunion, following their explosive split back in 2009.

Now, before the negative press they are set to receive, Rihanna’s label Def Jam have reportedly taken a stand against the star.

By refusing to put ‘Cake’ on Itunes.

Details below…

According to HM, Fenty released ‘Cake’ against her label’s wishes to, as the source claims, ‘prove a point’.

This, thwarting her chances of going to #1 with the controversial release and an indicator of the damage control the company may have to enforce if her latest LP, ‘Talk That Talk’ suffers as a result of her decision.

Fact of the matter is, this isn’t a good look.

Because, while her fans may try to deny it, her actions wreak of desperation.So blinded by her ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ attitude, she can’t see that she has everything to lose by going ahead with Brown’s feature.

For, while Brown’s label will revel in the attention this is raking in, Rihanna cannot afford to bite the hand that funds h


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